Why LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is a Game-Changer for Hard Tissue Procedures

The LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is not only a game-changer for soft tissue procedures but also for hard tissue procedures. Hard tissue procedures include treatments that involve the teeth – enamel and dentin, such as cavity preparation, root canal therapy, veneers and crown debonding; and bone, such as osteotomies. Some reasons why the LiteTouch™ Dental Laser has become a game-changer for hard tissue procedures:

Precision: The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser is highly precise and can selectively remove only the damaged or decayed part of a tooth, leaving the healthy tooth structure intact. This precision allows for more conservative and minimally invasive treatment, which preserves more of the tooth structure and reduces the need for more extensive procedures in the future.

Reduced pain and discomfort: The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser operates at microseconds, which minimizes heat production and vibration, resulting in less pain and discomfort for the patient. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have dental anxiety or fear of dental procedures.

Faster healing: The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser’s is minimally invasive, having a layer-by-layer approach, which means that there is minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues, which results in faster healing times. Patients can often return to their normal activities soon after the procedure.

Less noise and discomfort: Traditional dental drills can be noisy and cause discomfort for patients, especially for those with dental phobia. The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser operates quietly, without vibration and with minimal discomfort, making it a more pleasant experience for patients.

More efficient: The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser is highly efficient and can complete procedures faster than traditional methods. This means that patients spend less time in the dental chair, which is especially beneficial for patients with busy schedules.

In summary, the LiteTouch™ Dental Laser is a game-changer for hard tissue procedures because of its precision, reduced pain and discomfort, faster healing times, less noise, no vibration and increased efficiency. It is a significant advancement in dental technology that is improving patient outcomes and making dental procedures more comfortable and less invasive.

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