How LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is Revolutionizing Hard and Soft Tissue Procedures

LiteTouch™ All Tissue Laser is a minimally invasive and highly precise tool that is revolutionizing the field of soft and hard tissue dental procedures. This laser technology has transformed the way dentists approach many procedures that previously required traditional surgical methods.

The LiteTouch™ Dental Laser has the innovative Laser-in-Handpiece technology that directly allows laser delivery to the target tissue for precise and controlled ablation. The LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental Laser 2940nm wavelength is optimally absorbed in water and highly absorbed in hydroxyapatite. The hydroxyapatite is in the hard and soft tissues, resulting in minimal damage to surrounding tissues. This causes reduced pain and bleeding, bio-stimulating the tissue and quicker healing times compared to traditional surgical methods.

LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser has the ability to perform a variety of dental procedures. These procedures include periodontal therapy, crown lengthening, caries removal, veneers and crowns debonding, frenectomy, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty. The laser’s precision allows for the removal of diseased tissue while preserving healthy tissue, leading to better treatment outcomes.

LiteTouch™ All- Tissue Laser while using the Er:YAG technology has also allowed for advancements in cosmetic dental procedures. For example, using the laser to perform gum contouring can improve the appearance of a gummy smile.

Another advantage of LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is its ability to reduce and even treat without the need for anesthesia. Due to the minimal invasiveness of the laser, many patients can undergo treatment without the need for numbing injections. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who have anxiety about dental procedures.

In summary, the LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Dental Laser with Laser-in-Handpeice technology is revolutionizing dental procedures. By providing precision, minimally invasive treatment options with less pain, reduced bleeding, and faster healing times. It has broadened the range of dental treatments available and has led to improved treatment outcomes.

Tissue Laser is Revolutionizing

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