The science behind LiteTouch™ Dental Laser

Science behind LiteTouch™ Dental Laser
The LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is an Er:YAG laser that operates at a wavelength of 2940 nm.

The LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is an Er: YAG laser that operates at a wavelength of 2940 nm. The laser emits light that is absorbed by water and hydroxyapatite in hard and soft tissues, resulting in layer-by-layer tissue removal, following the minimally invasive philosophy and preserving healthy tissue.
The laser’s energy is delivered to the treatment area via the Laser-in-Handpiece, which allows direct energy delivery for precise and controlled ablation. The unique Laser-in-Handpiece technology allows the dentist to use less energy to achieve his procedure goal, making it safer for the patient and his dental team.
The LiteTouch™ Er:s YAG Laser’s precision is due to its ability to ablate layer-by-layer of the oral tissue, to differentiate between diseased or damaged tissue and healthy tissue based on their different absorption rates of the laser’s wavelength. This ability allows for more conservative and minimally invasive treatment, which results in faster healing times and better outcomes for the patient.
Additionally, the LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser’s wavelength of 2940 nm prevent it from deep penetration into the tissues as other types of lasers do, making it safer and more effective for a range of soft and hard tissue dental procedures.
The LiteTouch™ Er: YAG Dental Laser is also easy and friendly to use. The LiteTouch™ features an intuitive touchscreen interface, easy to adjust presets that do not require complicated calculations and can easily be changed.
In all the LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser’s ability to selectively remove diseased or damaged tissue while preserving healthy tissue is due to the shallow penetration and layer-by-layer approach, following the minimally invasive dentistry. The friendly interface is easy to work and the Laser-in-Handpiece energy delivery system allows the dentist to work with less energy making it an effective and safe tool for a range of soft and hard tissue dental procedures.

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